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We all live in Radon Nation.

We all live in Radon NationRadon is a naturally occuring radioactive gas, and it's in the ground of every nation on planet Earth. Radon presents a health hazard when it enters our homes, where we may breathe it in high concentrations. That's because radon causes lung cancer.

RadonNation.com is dedicated to increasing awareness of the dangers of radon, and what you can do to mitigate or reduce your exposure to dangerous radon levels!

Fortunately, you can easily reduce radon in your home or any building, such as schools, churches, stores and offices. There are simple and inexpensive things you can do to detect radon levels and significantly reduce the radon you breathe indoors.

Let's get started understanding radon and improving your indoor air quality, to reduce or eliminate your risk of radon-caused lung cancer.

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